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Hello, my name is Sarah Valentine, I’m an Accent and Dialect Coach.

I teach accents to actors, voice actors and can also help with accent reduction.

I have dedicated my life to learning accents and dialects from all around the world.

Using my unique ‘Valentine Method’ you will learn your accent quickly, in a fun & relaxed environment.

Personal Accent Coaching With Sarah Valentine
Learn any accent you like. We can work on an audition script, or we can work on any script for an upcoming role.
Accent Coaching
Script Recording
On-Set Accent Coaching
Start Forging Your Own Path, Take An Accent Challenge Today!
DIY Accent Courses – Instant access to all videos and coaching materials, complete the course at your own pace.
British RP Accent
Standard British Accent
American Accent
West Country Accent
French English Accent
Cockney Accent
Scottish Accent
Liverpool Accent
10-Day Accent Challenges
Get personal feedback on your technique and progress as you complete the exercises.
Standard British Accent
American Accent