Bliss The Beginning of Katherine Mansfield

Bliss The Beginning of Katherine Mansfield

Bliss is a portrait of an artist as a young woman. The telemovie follows Katherine Mansfield from boredom in Edwardian Wellington to liberation and love affairs in London, where she dares to dream of being a writer. Kate Elliot plays Mansfield as spirited 19-year old hungry for experience.

Bliss screened to acclaim on NZ screens in TV One’s Sunday Theatre slot in August 2011. Listener reviewer Fiona Rae praised director Fiona Samuel’s “excellent” script, and for allowing “her Mansfield to be witty, passionate and outspoken without belabouring the status of women in 1908”.

Bliss stood out from the pack this season – any season – for its confident touch and for trusting viewers to get it without clubbing them over the head with it. More, please.

– Diana Wichtel, 17 September 2011 Listener review


2012 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Director – Drama/Comedy: Fiona Samuel
Best Editing – Drama/Comedy: Margot Francis
Best Original Music: Don McGlashan

Nominated for One-Off Drama, Performance by an Actress (Kate Elliott), Supporting Actor (Peter Elliott), Production Design, and Costume Design

2011 SWANZ (New Zealand Script Writers) Awards
Best One-Off Television Script

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